Hatut - Art Comes First Electric Jimi (ruskea)

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Art comes first is not about fashion it is bigger than that. Created by Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, ACF have become a movement and Lifestyle. Their work and dedication of a nomadic Lifestyle combined with handcrafted and tailored fashion have spread all over the World. These gentlemen might not be known for everyone, but spotted on every fashionfair all over the globe. They are key drivers in the World of fashion, where they design and collaborate with some of the Worlds most know brand and was the Engine behind the major hat trend that started a couple of years ago.

As one of the very few approved resellers in the World, Hatshop can now present these pieces of art. Handmade in England with the highest imagine quality, these hats are made to last a lifetime.


  • 13,5 sentitimetrin kupu.
  • 8 senttimetrin lieri.
  • Valmistettu 100 prosenttia karvahuopaa.
  • Nahka-hikinauha. 
  • Käsintehty Englannissa

Materiaali: 100 prosenttia karvahuopaa.

Kokotiedot: Small - 56 cm. Medium - 58 cm. Large - 60 cm. 

ELE-JIM02. H61.P4


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